Medical services company MDS Mexico has launched a rapid COVID-19 testing service that uses blockchain technology to verify results.

Aiming to tackle the supply chain issues that impact the stock and expiry of COVID-19 vaccines, Tech Mahindra and blockchain firm StaTwig will roll out a “VaccineLedger” solution worldwide.

Instead of presenting paper-based certifications, travelers need only scan a QR code sent by email at the gate. Travelers without smart phones can print a QR code.

According to a report from the Boston Globe, Cape Cod Healthcare on Friday received $400,000 worth of the cryptocurrency from a regular donor who wished to remain anonymous.

Blockchain-backed traceability systems could be used to authenticate drugs – paired with secure labels.

For the first time ever, the World Economic Forum’s Global Risk Report’s top-five global risks were all climate-related.

Now, one of the oldest and most staid sectors in the financial world – healthcare – may see fundamental changes as a result of the technology.